Become a mentor

BWIS Mentor Criteria :

  • An expert in your field or sector
  • Willing to share your time and knowledge in pursuit of a healthy , productive mentor/mentee relationship
  • Willing to take on one or more mentees
  • Considerate and respectiful of others despite of their personal beliefs, race, socio-economic background

BWIS Mentor Benefits :

  • Improve communication, supervisory and personal skills
  • Expanding connections and networks
  • Develop leadership and management qualities
  • Promoting self-reflection

Code of conduct :

  • Establish and commit to the modes of communication to be used (email, mobile phones or text)
  • Establish and commit to date, time, length and frequency of sessions
  • Establish and commit to the permitted times for these communications
  • Respect the time and resources of both mentor and mentee
  • Avoid inappropriate interactions and unsuitable conduct towards each other

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